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"Leading Today Learning Tomorrow."

Dr. Storm McCullough

Storm vision intends to bridge rigorous academic standards with the supports and hands-on learning opportunities needed for students with a wide range of learning needs and achievement levels in order to connect students with content and real world success.

Principal Message:

R.E.D.D. Learning Academy offers a unique liberal arts education.  Our aim is to meet high standards of student achievement that will help the school, administration, and teachers establish challenging instruction for students to ensure that the education will provide an effective opportunity for all students to learn on higher levels and exceed academic expectations. In alignment to our mission, R.E.D.D. believes that students who receive well-rounded educational services and support that are tailored to meet their educational needs, are best equipped for long-range success even in their post-secondary education.

R.E.D.D. Learning intimate setting enhances the educational experience for each of our students. We understand how crucial these years are and how important years of study can be. At R.E.D.D. Learning Academy, a personalized education will be established through the provision of a robust program focused on the whole child that incorporates a curriculum infused with a concentration on STREAM (science, technology, reading/robotics, engineering, arts, and mathematics), and disciplines including social, emotional, and behavioral support.

Research shows that students who are encouraged early to pursue academic success; have a much higher rate of succeeding. Our personal experiences echo that sentiment.  At R.E.D.D., our talented faculty and staff members provide the support, encouragement, discipline, and love to lead our students closer to achieving their goals.

As parents and guardians, you are your child’s frontline educator.  Therefore, we will have open communication with you. If any concerns arise, please contact the school at 754 547 REDD (7333), or email us at

Best regards for a wonderful and successful school year!

With Much Love & Respect

Dr. Storm McCullough

CEO & Principal

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." -Frederick Douglass

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