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R.E.D.D. delivers academic content and standards that each student needs to build a solid foundation geared towards educational and post secondary academic success. Students will become involved in an environment that encourages cultural diversity. The school also demonstrates respect for cultural diversity, and individual strengths through rigorous programs daily. Each faculty member employs the school mindset, that all students can learn given high expectations and instructional supports and strategies tailored towards individual student needs. R.E.D.D. educational program cultivates social, emotional, and physical well-being; fosters the development of positive citizenship and character, and focuses on healthy living inside and out to be productive citizens. R.E.D.D. Learning Academy will be an integral focus to develop the students' character and citizenship and to encourage students to constructively influence the school and community.


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Application Process

Now accepting 2020-21 school year applications.

Spirit Week

October 26th -30th, 2020

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school."

-Albert Einstein

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Child Safety


R.E.D.D. Learning Academy will track our visitors, students and staff to help ensure our campus security. Staff and students will have and I.D. badge that they will be required to wear on campus. The school will have a single point of entry where all visitors are required to check in. The school will installed security cameras throughout the campus to protect staff, students and property. Our top priority is to ensure the safety of our students and faculty members.

​School Culture & Discipline

R.E.D.D. Learning Academy believes that all children can learn and succeed in school provided they have access to a well-rounded education that naturally caters to individual learning needs of students, offers challenging academic nurturing, a safe and structured environment, a challenging and interesting curriculum, including Project-Based Learning (PBL) activities that support collaboration and communication absorbed throughout the learning process.

The school strives to recruit, hire, and maintain qualified teachers who genuinely care about the child’s performance and well being. We understand students require high expectations that promote their overall social, emotional, and behavioral development. We strive to implement curriculum and related supports that offer students equal access to learning.


We do not assume students know how to behave or conform to school-wide and classroom expectations without being explicitly taught how to do so, or without modeling, an to practice, and adult support. The unique nature of each child, their perspective of behavioral and social norms, their background and culture, experiences, and their own development, contribute to the way in which behavioral expectations play a role in the overall school environment. When a behavioral or school-wide expectation is not followed, or an undesirable issue occurs serving as an opportunity for natural learning, the school will target students’ needs similar to the way academic skill deficits are addressed. School staff and leadership will ensure behavioral development holds equal weight to the academic development of our student body to promote a positive academic environment and reinforce student intellectual and social development.

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